Communicate your ideas, messages and services successfully and effectively to your targeted audience. With over 20 years of experience in the creative field, both as a writer and designer, I will find creative ways of getting your message across.


Cross Cultural Branding/Communications

I can help you if you are interested in expanding your business overseas. I have traveled extensively and have worked with clients internationally. I specialize in both South East Asia and East Asia and have the local contacts and resources to ensure the success of your expansion.

Why is this important?

Every country has their cultural norms and preferences. These might sometimes affect how successful your brand is in that market. Things such as color, numbers, how a name sounds in that language can make a big difference. I don’t know how many times I’ve hit my head in exasperation when I see a failed product! For example, in Mandarin speaking communities, the number “4” sounds the same as “death”. So if your product was named “444” you can see how that will work against you!


Marketing/ Communications/ Research

All writing and design is about communicating effectively what it is that you do. You want your market to not just ‘get’ you but to adore and want what you have to offer. Let me help you with that!


Spark off your idea

Do you need someone objective and creative, with tons of years in the creative field to brainstorm and see if your idea has the wings to take off? Come, tap my brains, and let’s have a pow-wow. We’ll have fun exploring the potential and possibilities in your idea!


Define Your Message

What is your company really about? What do you do? Can you sum it up in just a few words? Capture the attention of your target audience by being crystal clear about your message.

I can help define the essence of your business in one short line.

Envision Your Next Steps

Have a great idea and you’re all rearing to go? Have a wonderful business but just need that extra something to spiff it up?  What are your next steps? Where should you start first? What are the marketing and branding collaterals you need? Get clear and we will create a structure to hold the vision so that your ideas can flow and manifest themselves in reality.

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